Genius CMS includes AJAX and Web 2.0 features to enable quicker templating and features such as modules for "cloud tagging, shopping carts with various merchant services, blogs, forums, job recruitment, RSS feeds, Internal reports, custom categories, various layout options, internal advertising systems, video/audio streaming, downloadable products, subscription management, locked content controls, graph/chart creation", and many others.

Genius is also multi-site enabled, so you can manage multiple websites from the one system, all with a different style, theme and content. with Genius your not limited by the software - rather only by your imagination!

New sites can be setup in minutes not weeks so try it now and never look back..

Genius CMS is different to other CMS products in that you do not need a server to install it onto, nor is it an upgrade to replace your current software installation.

The Genius CMS is a hosted system run from a cluster of servers that are load balanced and maintained. The CMS is a shared multi-client and multi-site system that is shared under license.
The benefit to you is that it is always being improved and new features added. Constantly being monitored, software and hardware is updated daily, and security is a high priority.

Many clients and resellers use our software to control and manage their sites and they all use a central hosted system, so no longer needing separate installations per website and the time required to keep it upgraded and monitored. And as Genius is multi-site enabled, you can manage multiple websites from the same account, making quick updates and alterations a breeze.

The monthly/annual fee covers everything from data backups, monitoring, security, hosting, CMS license, site bandwidth, basic support, and each new feature that is added instantly becomes available for all clients to use, including a feedback feature for recommending improvements back to us.

Unlike your current CMS, Genius allows you to control how your site looks and where content is positioned and on which pages. So you can change from using a 1,2,3 or 4 column layout and move content around using easy drag and drop methods all within your CMS. Similar to the easy to use tools you may have seen within Facebook and other web 2.0 sites.

Many other benefits are included as standard including SEO tools and web friendly URLs, and a dashboard page that shows your website statistics for the last 30 days loaded direct from your Google Analytics.

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