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The smart website content management system (CMS) - the newest and best multi-website editing tool. Stand out from the croud, limited only by your imagination!


Genius - Smart Website Creation and Publishing Tools

Genius - Smart Website Content Management

Genius CMS is not just a CMS, but a CMS with nobs on. Need to create a website quickly and easily, but not compromise on features, design or style? Genius is for you.

About Genius CMS

The Genius CMS tool is an online multi-site management system for creating your ideal website, and publishing your content quickly using simple to use tools that anyone can use.

Genius will grow with your requirements, you can use the simple but effective publishing tools or you can use the more advanced features to further enhance your website content and structure.

A fully all-inclusive package means that your hosting, data backups and site maintenance is all included in the low prices which are structured to fit your requirements.

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